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Ansellia Spa

A Tranquil Escape

Welcome to our mindful retreat, resting in the heart of the Sabi Sand. Like all branches of Silvan, our Ansellia Spa is inspired by the spirit of the trees. Named after the African orchid which adorns only the most tranquil reaches of this ecosystem, our spa takes a luxurious and holistic approach.

Found over the bridge and framed by a lush woodland, Ansellia Spa blends seamlessly into the bush, exuding pure serenity. Our bespoke creations and signature treatments integrate local rituals and indigenous ingredients to create an immersive experience which is entirely unique.


Relaxation and pampering form an integral part of the Silvan experience.

It's the small things that excite us most, the patterns on a leopard tortoise - the tracks an antlion makes in the sand.