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   Silvan Safari   

Silvan Safari transcends the typical African safari experience, offering mindful luxury in the heart of the wilderness. The ethereal rulers of our land and the inspiration behind Silvan Safari, our leadwood and jackalberry trees, reinforce our belief that everything is connected, just like the Tree of Life. Located in Sabi Sand Game Reserve, adjoined to the famous Kruger National Park, Silvan Safari is an artwork in itself. It features contemporary architecture that's slick, bold and alluring, with a nuanced bohemian flair adding a sense of whimsical artistry. Our flittering hero, the bee-eater bird, introduces vibrant bursts of colour throughout the lodge and gently weaves its magic into grand art collaborations and intricate hand-woven masterpieces.

From witnessing the unrivalled spectacle of an African sunrise, feasting on sensational culinary delights to connecting with our extraordinary people, the heart and soul of our luxury safari lodge, Silvan Safari is like nothing you've ever experienced before. We invite you to step into her magic and revel in Africa's glorious spirit.

"Silvan Safari is a space entwined in the rhythm of the bush, the ebbs and flows of nature and engulfed by a forest of ancient trees."

David Ryan - Founder

Silvan Suites

With only six luxury suites, including one family suite, Silvan Safari offers an exclusive safari experience. Each suite is unique in its design, artworks and colour palette and the architectural elegance optimises the design aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from numerous indigenous species of trees found around the lodge, we have intertwined elements such as their name, form and hues onto the splendour of every detail.

From the noble knobthorn to the enigmatic cassia, each suite’s design is bespoke and offers individually handcrafted masterpieces throughout. Artistic brilliance has been incorporated in every detail, enticing the eye to explore every inch of the suite.

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The Silvan Family

The key ingredient in the magical Silvan Safari experience is the inspired team who make up our Silvan Family. They hail from all corners, but many are from the communities surrounding the lodge. This is their home, and their passion and love for curating unique luxury African experiences shine through in everything they do.

One of life’s greatest joys is the pleasure of forging new friendships and relationships. The shared smiles, laughs and experiences bring people from all walks of life together, in unison, forever connected by that personal moment in time. Welcome home, welcome to Silvan Safari.

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The Silvan Experience

Any stay at Silvan Safari is a celebration of the majesty of the bush, Africa's people, and the pure exhilaration of life. We invite you to explore, share and connect with the true spirit of Africa.

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