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Game Drives

A spectacular Big 5 experience

While you need look no further than the riverbed below Silvan to spot wildlife, game drives offer you the best chance to experience the incredible variety of animals which the Sabi Sand is so famous for. An early wake-up call at dawn will see you rise with the bush and its residents.

We mimic the movements of the wild, going in search of wildlife when they're most likely to be on the move (early mornings, late afternoons, and evening) and retreating to the shade as they do for respite from the midday heat. Blankets and state-of-the-art Swarovski binoculars are available in our vehicles.


Experienced guides bring guests closer to nature. Their knowledge and appreciation of the African bushveld is captivating

It's the small things that excite us most, the patterns on a leopard tortoise - the tracks an antlion makes in the sand.