Silvan Art

Curated with mindfulness

All commissions were awarded to emerging South African artists whose work is inspired by or holds a strong connection with nature. Seven individual artists created large-scale works for Silvan's Suites using mixed artforms ranging from oils and watercolours, through to wool and gold leaf.

Another three artists collaborated on individual works for each pod, which centred on the associations between each tree and the animals directly linked with that tree. Further masterpieces around Silvan include tree-inspired chandeliers and lamps and our bar's pièce de résistance: a large installation of bee-eaters suspended in midair as if in flight.

Experienced guides bring guests closer to nature. Their knowledge and appreciation of the African bushveld is captivating

It's the small things that excite us most, the
patterns on a leopard tortoise - the tracks
an antlion makes in the sand. 

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