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The Spirit of Silvan

Mindfulness, nature and the people of Silvan 

Silvan is grounded in the breathtaking natural elements around it, the inspirational trees, our beautiful bee-eater, the incredible wildlife and the charismatic people who bring her story to life. These are the distinctive ingredients which make Silvan tick and which brings that characteristic magic to the entire Silvan experience. 

Magic is created when inspiration meets actualisation. Silvan’s essence is to create an incredible safari experience, but in so doing being able to make a difference far wider reaching and far more significant. Silvan has a responsibility to leave a lasting legacy, one which inspires others, one which uplifts and influences for many years to come.

An innate understanding of the bush and a deeply embedded love for Africa and her people is where Silvan's story takes root.



Silvan was created to be a paradigm of inspiration, to unleash unlimited creativity with unrestrained possibility. Potential abounds in everyone and Silvan’s desire is to awaken this, create a lasting impact and initiate this journey forwards.

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The Rolls-Royce of Reserves

The Silvan Safari location was mindfully and selectively chosen. Silvan is situated in the iconic Sabi Sand Game Reserve - part of the greater Kruger National Park - famed for incredible wildlife sightings as well as their vision for conservation and restoration of the bushveld.

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Good Work Foundation

Changing the face of rural learning

Silvan Safari is a proud partner of the Good Work Foundation (GWF), an NGO based in South Africa spearheading the digital education of learners living in rural parts of the country.

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Wildlife ACT

Conserving today for tomorrow

People are the by far Africa’s greatest artwork. By inference, Africa’s wildlife is thus the colourful brush strokes within each painting, connecting each element and giving meaning and substance to each masterpiece. Only by protecting these special details will the overall artwork continue to hold meaning. 

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