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Blue Guarri Suite

Silvan’s Day Dream

This hardy, evergreen tree which often goes unnoticed in the bush, except for the black rhino who loves to browse its leaves, lends its spirit to this suite. While the story of the tree is a palpable theme, keep your eyes open to try find it when out on a game drive.

The gentle blue-grey tones of this suite, inspired by the Blue Guarri, create a haven of peace and calm. This energy flows seamlessly through the room with the bespoke art being a wonder to behold and the copper glow providing warmth and comfort.

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Just over the bridge, the Blue Guarri suite is hidden by a forest of indigenous trees. Its secluded location gives this suite an air of complete privacy and solitude. Once on the deck, you could be forgiven for thinking you're the only people in existence, enveloped entirely by the melodious calls of nature.

Sublime serenity in the lap of African splendour

The soothing lavender undertones and dusty blue and grey highlights throughout the bedroom are reminiscent of the overarching, mushrooming canopy of the Blue Guarri.

The art piece of the African goddess immediately captivates the senses and brings with her a sense of regal stature to this luxurious setting. The double shower is bathed in light by the floor-to-ceiling glass doors leading onto the daydeck and private plunge pool.

The hand-woven detail of the couch and ottoman highlighting the subtle blues and greys of the Blue Guarri are delicate and exquisite. The inside suite is also beautifully complemented by the relaxing seating area outside.

Encapsulated by ancient trees, enjoy your outdoor shower with only the odd bushbuck looking back at you. Peer through the branches of the surrounding trees which cloak the Blue Guarri suite and soak up with wonder beyond.

To fully appreciate the African bush, one has to experience it with all their senses.

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