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Tree Wisteria Suite

Silvan's Regal Spectacle

One of Africa's most strikingly spectacular trees when in bloom, the Tree Wisteria has a rounded crown with sweeping foliage cascading towards the floor. The purple-mauve flowers droop from the tree in bunches, often covering the whole tree in a dazzling purple haze.

Its intense colourings have been painted throughout the Tree Wisteria suite in grand strokes, giving it a fresh and refined feel. With an expansive layout, lavish decor and the private plunge pool set tantalisingly at the edge of the deck, this suite is definitely one to savour.

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The entrance to Tree Wisteria masks the sweeping size of this magnificent suite which immediately enthralls once you reach the top of the stairs. The enormous outside area provides the perfect setting to connect with the natural surroundings, while the vibrant ceramics of regal purple and rich copper inside provides a certain richness and opulence.

Celebrating lavish grandeur in true Silvan style

The bed centres this spacious suite, with subtle greys and greens providing the soothing elements in this space. The natural light from the floor-to-ceiling doors beyond the foot of the bed radiate the glimmer of the copper bee eater flitting across the walls.

The bathroom is ignited by the fine line art piece depicting the Tree Wisteria’s exquisite blooms. Admire them as you soak in the tub or simply gaze across the riverbed admiring nature’s wondrous beauty.

The immaculately embroidered armchair adorned in rich purple and green with Tree Wisteria’s intricate flowers is a true masterpiece and immediately brings the energy of the tree into this space.

The private plunge pool drifting onto the edge of the deck is a delight and attracts its fair share of animals who crave a drink, too. Tree Wisteria offers expansive views up and down the riverbed, great for casual game viewing from the deck or private pool.

Life should be savoured, with an intense passion for life and a longing for the African bush in your heart.

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