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COVID-19 safety protocols

We’re ecstatic to share that our entire Silvan Safari team has now been fully vaccinated.

With South Africa opening up registration for Covid-19 vaccinations for everyone above the age of 18 this past month, we have been able to ensure that every Silvan Safari team member is vaccinated. And on 1 September 2021, we finally vaccinated the final members of our team!

The Silvan Safari team ready to go get vaccinated The Silvan team ready to go get vaccinated! Credit: Silvan Safari

Light at the End of the Tunnel

The Covid-19 pandemic has been quite a challenging time for everyone worldwide, particularly for the hospitality industry. However, we’re optimistic about the vaccinations rolling out around the world. We believe that this will result in more freedom for everyone and make international travel safer and possible again.

Silvan Safari chef filling in form before getting the vaccine Chef Prince filling in the forms during the vaccination process. Credit: Silvan Safari.

Our team did our bit to get the vaccine so that we’ll be able to invite more guests to visit the beautiful Sabi Sand Game Reserve to experience the life-changing magic of Silvan Safari.

Sabi Sand Community Comes Together

It has been incredible to witness the lodges within the Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve coming together. They’ve all been working hard as a team to ensure that everyone on the reserve gets the vaccine.

As a result, they’ve set up multiple temporary vaccination sites on the reserve over the past few months to make it convenient for everyone in the area. The vaccination drive’s goal is to achieve herd immunity in the reserve to attract more guests to those major eco-tourism areas like Sabi Sand, where livelihoods depend on tourism. The idea is to create a safe ‘bubble’ for those communities living and working in Sabi Sand Game Reserve.

These communities all rely on guests returning to our country to be able to do their job. Therefore, they have been more than willing to take the vaccine to help do so. At Silvan Safari, we’re very grateful for this incredible initiative and that we can do our bit for tourism!

silvan safari kitchen assistant getting the vaccine Kitchen Assistant Idah receiving the vaccination. Credit: Silvan Safari

Do Your Bit for The Future of Travel

According to Statistics South Africa, foreign travel arrivals decreased by 71%, from 15,8 million in 2019 to under 5 million in 2020. This staggering number is a reminder of the impact this drop will have on many jobs and families in our country.

We recognise our team’s role in creating spaces that promise safe travel to guests, not just for Silvan but for travel as a whole.

Nigel the ranger at Silvan Safari gets the vaccine Ranger Nigel receiving the vaccination. Credit: Silvan Safari

We encourage you to get the vaccination and spread the message so that we get to welcome many more guests to our beautiful game reserve, changing their lives by showing them our wild spaces and animals.

Our team is ready for you, and we can’t wait to welcome you back soon!

Silvan Safari team after getting the vaccine Rangers Nigel and Stevan and Kitchen Assistant Idah waiting for their turn to be vaccinated. Credit: Silvan Safari

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